I found a recipe ages ago and put it aside thinking I might make some as Christmas gifts. I didn’t get around to that but I came across the recipe again last weekend and thought I’d make a batch for Christmas Day nibbles and general snacking.

I won’t re-write the recipe as I made it exactly as specified in the link. I used 1kg sheep’s milk yoghurt and a mix of fresh oregano, rosemary and dried chillies. I used three large cloves of garlic to flavour the oil. I will keep the garlic cloves and use them in something else. Not sure what yet. cheese.jpg

I used dried chillies because none of my chilli plants have any fruit ready for eating yet. I can handle that but don’t use dried herbs. You may as well use house dust. If you don’t have any rosemary or oregano in the garden, go and buy a couple of plants. They will both grow vigorously in garden beds or pots and the plants will cost about the same as buying a single bunch of each at the supermarket anyway. They’re very hardy and not easy to kill. Being Mediterranean, they’re nice and drought tolerant too. cheese1.jpg

The Ankle Biters jumped around excitedly as I made the balls begging to try some so when I was done we had a little taste and I think we’re going to have to put these under lock and key. They are that good.

Oh and a word of caution, no matter how tired you are, do remember to wash your hands after handling the chilli and before rubbing your eyes.