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Steamy Kitchen Recipe Testing

by Dani

Tonight at Chez KP, we feasted. Oh boy did we feast. I was testing some recipes for Jaden of Steamy Kitchen who will soon be releasing her fabulous cookbook, which, based on the recipes I have tested, I highly recommend. Fast, fabulous Asian food. What could be better? We managed to test three recipes over […]


by Dani

I tend to blitz through most days at a fairly hectic pace. Being forced to slow down by two unwell Ankle Biters and a badly cut finger is pure torture. It’s taken me all day to perform tasks that would normally take half that time. Just the normal day to day tasks of a mum. […]

Weekend Herb Blogging with Brussel Sprouts

by Dani

Now I do realise that Brussel Sprouts are neither a herb nor particularly uncommon or exotic. They are an interesting plant though and a very cheap vegetable when in season. They are also very nutritious. The trick is making the most of them while they are in season. Personally, I love them. I will happily […]