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Bread, biscuits and big weekends.

by Dani

I deserted this little bloglet over the weekend in favour of particpating in real life. It happens sometimes. On Saturday night, I gussied up, deserted Ankle Biter and the Bread Winner and headed out to a friend’s 40th. Fun, fun, fun! Bubbles, red wine, lots of lovely party food and great conversation. Not to mention […]

Why it’s worth pursuing bread making

by Dani

The pay offs for getting it right are soooo darn good. ciabatta dough proving for the second time. ciabatta loaves proving prior to baking two freshly baked ciabtta loaves nothing beats fresh bread except maybe a blue cheese and salad sandwich on freshly baked bread Ciabatta from World Breads by Paul Gayler For the Biga […]

Filo or Phyllo … you be the judge

by Dani

However you like to spell it, I love the stuff. You can pretty much shove anything inside a bit of filo and it tastes fantastic and looks good. What else could you do with 300g mince, one serve leftover kale risotto, 1 small bunch kale, 6 Brussel sprouts, starting to look spotty, 1 small carrot, […]

Simple things

by Dani

One of my daily blog reads is Down to Earth. Rhonda is a very wise woman. She talks about living a simple life. Something I aspire to in many ways. Not only do I find it an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling way to live on many levels but I think it’s just plain smart. The […]

Rainbow challenge me will you?

by Dani

The Frugies came to visit Son and Heir’s kindergarten last week. Today we got a little note from the teacher saying that they left a rainbow chart to encourage the Ankle Biters to eat the full array of fruit and vegetable colours. So we are supposed to send our children in with at least three […]