However you like to spell it, I love the stuff. You can pretty much shove anything inside a bit of filo and it tastes fantastic and looks good.

What else could you do with 300g mince, one serve leftover kale risotto, 1 small bunch kale, 6 Brussel sprouts, starting to look spotty, 1 small carrot, 1 small wedge of pumpkin? I had a busy day yesterday, CPR update in the morning (boring but entirely necessary if I want to keep my job), weeding, chopping wood, baking. Frankly I didn’t wnt to think too hard about dinner. I did have some filo in the fridge that needs to be used within the week though. I went with the path of least resistance. Mush everything together, wrap as indivual parcels, bake and serve with gravy. Surprisingly tasty.

In other food related news, I am pleased to announce that over the last few months, I hve finally achieved a respectable level of bread making proficiency. Bread making is a skill that eluded me for a long time. I could bang out a decent loaf, sure. But I didn’t “get” it. I couldn’t feel a lump of dough in my hand and know that it was right or wrong. It’s the rea of cooking that has taken me by far the longest to master (of those areas I care to try and master of course). Now my baking is by no means perfect and I still have much to learn but I have achieved a level of competency that gives me the confidence to try a wider variety of styles. Which means I need a new baking book. Any recommendations? I’m lusting after The Bread Bible but can’t justify the expense.