Slow cooker/crock pot

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Nutty African Style Slow Cooker Soup

by Dani

Just a quick one from me tonight. Tired. Busy. It’s been a crazy weekend here. Saturday was an early am dash to the farmers market followed by a full day at school. Today I worked a double shift with a quick break in the middle to pedal to the library to return books, the supermarket, […]

John McCain Ribs

by Dani

I asked for some dog bones at the farmers market the other day. I was given a couple of kilo of beef ribs for $3. For the first time ever, Little Creek Beef disappointed me. There was no way I could feed those ribs to my dog. They were far too good for the dog. […]

Slow cooker rice and beans

by Dani

Melbourne is a crazy town. Early spring was hot and dry. Early summer, cold and wet. Much as I prefer the heat, it’s much cheerier to embrace what you’ve got rather than pine for what you lack. So I whipped up a comforting, super cheap, super easy slow cooker beans and rice dinner. Hearty and […]