Yesterday, I had a desperate craving for a kebab. The doner kebab style kebab. Not the sort of thing I would trot out and buy and I certainly don’t have one of those upright rotisseries thingamabobs. An hour or so of cogitating and I came up with a plan. A plan that worked. Son and Heir has a new favourite food. He ate two. I’m seriously considering putting bricks on tht child’s head if his growth doesn’t slow down.

I had neither lamb nor chicken in the freezer but I still have an ample supply of beef which is why I used rump. Not authentic but it was tnder and delicious and we were satisfied.The thing about doner kebab meat is that it is s tender and moist. That was the main thing I wanted to replicate. The meat was cut into thin slices and marinated all day in pureed onion, olive oil, slt and pepper. Then I pan fried it over a lo heat until cooked through.


Meanwhile, it was time to prepare the garlic sauce. Firstly, dice a small cucumber, sprinkle with salt and set aside for at least ten minutes. FInely chop a few cloves of garlic and combine with a cup of yoghurt. When the liquid has drained from the cucumber, pedanticaly save it to tip on your pour parched vegetable garden and combine the ucumber with the yoghurt.

Serve in pita bread with sliced tomato, cucumber, onion and lettuce.