In my noodlings ’round the net yesterday, I found a picture. I think it was on flickr. It was a breakfast from The Commoner, which I believe is a Melbourne cafe. It tickled my fancy so I thought I’d replicate it for breakfast this morning.

Panfried Gingerbread with Caramelised Banana and Honeyed Yoghurt.

I made the gingerbread loaf using honey because that’s all I had. It worked well although I do prefer the stronger taste of treacle or golden syrup in gingerbread. The loaf was deliciously moist and was finished well before lunch time.

I melted butter in a frypan, added sliced bananas, a tablespoon white vinegar and a tablespoon rapadura and cooked, stirring occasionally until the banana had caramelised. In between stirs, I whisked couple of tablespoons of honey into a cup of plain yoghurt.

When the bananas were done, I removed them from the pan, added butter to the pan and fried the slices of bread for about 2 minutes per side over medium heat.

A very tasty and different treat. I could see us having this one again.