It really helps the budget when you get free food sent to you. Tonight’s meal featured a 150g packet of hazelnut meal that I was sent (along with a couple of others) as a ‘gesture of good will’ as I had emailed the company who sells it to report that a packet I had bought was underweight. Big help in keeping tonight’s cost low.

Total cost of tonight’s meal = $4.84
Even better we actually only ate about 2/3 of it. There are three serves less bringing the per serve cost down to 69 cents. Wow. I knew it was cheap but I’m shocked now that I’ve worked it out. That’s crazy. Actually the real cost is a fraction higher because I served it with sweet chilli sauce. It’s been in the pantry for ages and I have no idea what it cost. Still under $1 per serve. Crazy talk.

Vegetable and Hazelnut Loaf
500g mixed roast vegetables (mine included sweet potato, pumpkin, parnsip, capsicum and kidney beans, I found it in the freezer)
1 bunch kale

150g hazelnuts or hazelnut meal
2 eggs
3/4 cup grated cheese
Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Bung it all in the food processor or thermomix and make it almost, but not quite mush. This took me about 40 seconds in the thermomix on speed 7 and I had to really work it with the spatula, mostly because of the volume.
Place in a greased loaf tin. Bake for 45 minutes.

Cheap, easy and pretty darn tasty! Sorry, no pics tonight, I clean forgot.