Kris of Cheap Healthy Good suggests that Cheesy Eggplant Bake is not a name that does the dish justice. I disagree. It’s a name that screams scrumptious, filling comfort food to me. I don’t need fancy names to be excited by a recipe. A promise of cheesy goodness will never fail.

My variations to the original were minimal. I omitted the capsicums because I had run out. I tore up three anchovies and melted them in the pan with the mushrooms. I added sliced olives to the tomato. I used a mix of mozzarella, tasty and feta cheeses in equal quantities. I’m really into mixed cheeses right now in case you hadn’t noticed.

A massive mess was made by a disaster of mammoth proportions small incident with a container of frozen bread crumbs (don’t ask). Which of course had to be left while I went to pick up Son and Heir from Kinder. Thank goodness no health officials raided the house while I was gone, The children would have been thrown in foster care and the house condemned. Once that was cleaned up and dinner served with a simple side of rocket (arugula) dressed with balsamic, the recipe was declared a winner no matter what you choose to call it. Hearty, full of vegetables and cheap.

eggplant1.jpg eggplant2.jpg eggplant3.jpg