In a word. Versatility.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Throw anything you  like in and it’s a whole new meal. Always quick and easy, always delicious. Great for using up leftovers, easy on the budget.

This morning, breakfast at Chez Kitchen Playground was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, spring onions, a few drops of tabasco, a little left over blue cheese and a little cheddar.  Not too shabby.

Other scrambled egg combinations that make a regular appearance here;

  • just grated cheese
  • grated cheese and tabasco
  • cheese and bacon
  • leftover roast veg cut into cubes
  • bacon, tomato, spinach & mushroom
  • spinach and feta

Really, there is not much that won’t work. Let me pass on 2 little secrets to perfect scramble.

  1. Do not let them dry out. Remove from heat just before they are done and keep stirring.
  2. A squeeze of orange juice. It keeps the eggs delightfully fluffy. Beer will do the same thing but orange juice is probably the better way to go.