Oregano grows like a weed around here. We always end up pulling out massive clumps, more than we can use, dry or give away. I decided on a new plan this year. I’ve made a pesto like concoction to use in cooking rather than dried stuff. Which of course loses it’s flavour very quickly.

I harvested a big bowl full of leaves. So I grated about 150g parmesan and three garlic cloves in the thermomix. Then I added the oregano leaves and a big slurp of olive oil and blended that until the leaves were minced and everything was well combined. I put it all in a sterile jar, poured a little more oil on top and popped it in the fridge. I intend to use it in marinades and in anything with a tomato based sauce. Probably on roast chook mixed with more oil and lemon juice as well.

If nothing else it looks pretty.