I did the food shopping today so that makes it clean out the fridge day. I love cleaning out the fridge and making something of all the little leftover odds and ends. Very satisfying. Waste is an extremely dirty word in this house.

There weren’t many fridge scraps to be had today though, I must have been using them up quite efficiently during the week. All I had was a few tablespoons of grated cheddar, 3/4 cup of coconut cream, 5 green beans and a piece of very rare roast beef.

Not a lot to go on and the grated cheese doesn’t match. Never mind, that can go in wraps with some tuna and avocado for the kid’s lunch tomorrow. Lucky I have good fresh supplies from the green grocer.
Thai Style Almost Beef Tartare.

Leftover very rare roast beef
3/4 cup coconut cream
5 green beans
1 baby carrot
2 radishes
1/3 cucumber
1 lime
1 small red chilli
1cm piece fresh ginger

Cut beef into tiny little pieces (which amounted to about 1 cup). Cut vegetables and chilli into tiny little pieces. Grate ginger. Combine meat, vegetables, ginger, chilli, lime juice and coconut cream. Divide into ramekins and chill until ready to serve.
Serve with lettuce leaves to wrap spoonfuls of the almost tartare in and steamed brown rice on the side.

Serves 2.

Which means the kids get vegetarian fried rice.