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Thermomix Flavours of Vietnam. Quy Nhon Fishcakes

by Dani

This is a thermomix adaptation of Luke Nguyen’s recipe from The Food of Vietnam. Quy Nhon Fishcakes Ingredients 1 tablespoon fish sauce 2 skinless white fish fillets salt and pepper 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil 1 clove garlic, peeled 5 spring onions, white part only, reserve green and slice thinly to serve 3 tablespoons sesame oil […]

Thermomix. Steamed fish with tamarind and ginger sauce

by Dani

Here is a quick and healthy meal to cheer your tastebuds. All cooked in the thermomix with the help of the varoma. Of course, without a thermomix, the same could be achieved with a saucepan and steamer. Steamed Fish with Tamarind & Ginger Sauce 4 small whole fish or 4 fillets, any firm white fish […]

Mayonnaise and fish

by Dani

Pan fried snapper was on the menu at Chez KP tonight. I love fish. I could eat a lot more fish than we actually do…and we generally eat it at least twice a week. I rather fancied a mayonnaise sauce with it but not as heavy as my mayonnaise. I came up with a lighter, […]

Is fish + potato ever wrong?

by Dani

One of my favourite types of meal, particularly during the week, is the one pot meal. Minimal mess, minimal preparation, all good ideals. I picked up 4 lovely flathead fillets for the crazy low, low price of $4.20. Flathead is one of my favourite fish. A real flavour of my childhood. My maternal grandfather (Pappy) […]

Salt Baked Fish and Seafood Tortillas

by Dani

This little number was born of a medley of things I had been wanting to try, a change in weather and a great deal at the fishmongers. The salt baked fish idea came to me via Stone Soup and the marinara concept from a prawn ceviche recipe in the 2007 Annual Gourmet Traveller Cookbook. Salt […]

Thermomix Beurre Blanc (of sorts)

by Dani

OK, maybe not the exact, precise, traditional beurre blanc but it’s the way I threw it together and served it over lovely firm white fish fillets with a green salad. Lovely hot night dinner. Thermomix Beurre Blanc Style Sauce Over Fish 4 firm white fish fillets. 40g butter 2 cloves garlic 2 shallots 1/3 cup […]

A Simple Summer Meal

by Dani

Not that it’s summer yet but with the weather we’re having it may as well be! Sorry there’s no pictures but I forgot to charge the camera. Which is a pity, it was a pretty meal Coriander Pesto Crusted Swordfish with Shredded Tzatziki Salad 2 pieces of swordfish (serves 4, it’s a big meaty ocean […]

Calamari Trout Parcels

by Dani

I got a good deal on some trout fillets and lovely fresh calamari rings. Not quite enough of either to fed us all so I thought I would combine them. I skinned the trout and removed the little bones (name of which escapes me right now) which left me with skinny little strips of fish. […]