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Pane toscane turns spelt

by Dani

My recent mastery of bread baking has led to an outpouring of pane toscane, pain de campagne, ciabatta and baguettes. Which has of course been lovely but there’s been nary a whole grain in sight. The odd seeded spelt baton notwithstanding. So I decided to fiddle around with my pane toscane recipe this morning and […]

Bread, biscuits and big weekends.

by Dani

I deserted this little bloglet over the weekend in favour of particpating in real life. It happens sometimes. On Saturday night, I gussied up, deserted Ankle Biter and the Bread Winner and headed out to a friend’s 40th. Fun, fun, fun! Bubbles, red wine, lots of lovely party food and great conversation. Not to mention […]

Parmesan, Spelt and Wheat Batons

by Dani

This is a slight variation on the Florentine recipe in World Breads. As usual, it’s a thermomix adaptation. It made lovely rustic, cheesy batons that will be a lovely lunch tomorrow. Parmesan, Spelt and Wheat Bread 250g wheat grain 250g spelt grain 100g grana padano 7g dried yeast 1 teaspoon salt 1 large egg 3 […]

Thermomix Oat & Spelt Pita Bread

by Dani

As usual, we’re out of bread. I rather fancy something pita like for lunches tomorrow so I thought I would see what I could devise in the thermomix. Thermomix Oat & Spelt Pita Bread 4 1/2 cups freshly ground spelt flour (wheat would work but would probably need a fraction more water) 2 cups oats […]