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Prawn, Scallop, Leftovers and Rolled Rice Noodles

by Dani

OK so we know that Vietnamese food is my favourite. Real, authentic Vietnamese food. Tonight though, I have proven the incredible perfection of Vietnamese flavour combinations. I threw a few things together and ended up writhing in culinary ecstasy. How does one cuisine manage to get it so damn right? Admittedly the Ankle Biters were […]

Summer Prawn Salad

by Dani

Today was the first of the days that are too hot to cook and almost too hot to eat. Beautiful weather but not really suited to the tagine I had planned to cook. Luckily though, I had some gorgeous prawns in the freezer so a salad came to mind. Almost a 10 minute meal. In […]

Prawn Curry

by Dani

This recipe is only minorly adjusted from a recipe I found on Seriously Good to suit the contents of the pantry at time of cooking. Delicious. The original recipe has the curry served with puff pastry shells rather than with rice. I’d love to do it that way and probably will but I didn’t have […]

Prawn cakes in lettuce

by Dani

I can see this week getting away from me on a daily basis. I had a grand vision for tonight’s dinner but what with one thing and another… one thing being First Born’s impending birthday party and another being working an extra shift…it turned into a rush job. So I may try this again when […]