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A fish and salad dinner party

by Dani

It’s been a couple of weeks since this dinner party. Somewhat uncharacteristically, I didn’t take a single photo. It took all my energy to get the food to the table. Little did I know, I was being hit with a nasty virus which took complete control of me sometime around midnight that same evening and […]

A dinner party for six … Ankle Biters excluded

by Dani

I consider myself very lucky to have Ankle Biters with quite adult palates. Well there is both luck and good management involved in that. However, I have lately been overcome by a burning desire to throw a good old fashioned grown up dinner party. The Bread Winner is about to vanish to far away ports […]

Party Fare for First Born’s 4th

by Dani

Son and heir has his fourth birthday party today. A kid’s party at a local children’s farm which I chose largely because it was self-catered. Most venues that do kids party insist that you feed your kids with their preservative ridden muck. No thanks. I have a little more respect for my offspring than that. […]