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The long and the short of it.

by Dani

Left over pho noodles. Mmm, something long soup like. Leftover wonton wrappers. Mmm, something short soup like. Or both together. That’s pretty much how my brain works. And reckless abandon week seems to be having more than it’s fair share at the moment. Which is cool. So, fish stock from the freezer, a couple of […]

Soup and Garlic Ginger Dumplings

by Dani

It’s uncharacteristically cold and wet here today. Most un-February like. Plus the entire family is suffering from a rotten cold. I loathe summer colds. They’re anachronisms to my mind. Good weather for soup though which is nice as I’m still trying to clear out the freezer. Poor thing is crying out for a defrost. I […]