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A hot night and a family dinner party

by Dani

The last couple of days have been hot, hot, hot in Melbourne. Which I love but no one else seems too jiggy with it. Having this sudden heat wave in March is, for me, a delicious reprieve from the cooler weather that surely approaches. I don’t do cold. Yesterday was 42 degrees I believe, so […]

Chocolate Chilli Cinnamon & Raspberry Cake

by Dani

I’m off to yum cha tomorrow for a friend’s birthday. I wanted to take her a little birthday treat and figured a small cake was somewhat apt. Only thing is, my house is rather devoid of sweet things right now as I still have two rogue Christmas kilos to banish from my nether region. I […]

Chocolate passionfruit cream pie disaster

by Dani

It’s Saturday which means it’s dessert day. I have 4 leftover egg whites from dinner, 4 leftover egg whites and a small block of Green & Blacks milk chocolate. Hmmm… OK, I found a recipe for Norwegian Troll Cream on Khymos. No berries in the freezer but I did find some passionfruit pulp. I figured […]

A delicious little dessert

by Dani

July 29th, 2007 I am in the process of cleaning out odds and ends of ideologically unsound food from the cupboard. Plus I made mayonnaise today. Which left me with 4 egg whites and 35g of Lindt 85% chocolate and heaps of caster sugar. I adore Lindt chocolate and very much regretted having to put […]