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Citrus Braised Hoggett Shoulder

by Dani

It was three degrees here this morning and I’m a summer person. So the last thing I felt like doing at 8am was heading out to the farmer’s market. Yet what is more appealing in cold weather than food? Hearty, warming comfort food. Does one stay home in the warm, or venture out and procure […]

What a crock!

by Dani

That crock pot fiend has done it again. Her Spanish rice casserole is totally brilliant comfort food. I upped the rice quantity (and pre-soaked it overnight). Instead of Italian seasoning, I just ripped some oregano and basil out of the garden and threw that in. To make it appear like I had gone to some […]

Thit Heo Kho

by Dani

Finally the cool change has come. Just in the nick of time too. Lil Miss arose at 3.30 this morning. For the day. We are not amused. I have two seriously whingy Ankle Biters today. But all is well, tonight is cool and we’re eating comfort food, Vietnamese style. Thit Heo Kho to be precise.