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Eating out for under $8

by Dani

We did! It’s true. We ate out for under $8 for the 4 of us tonight. OK, so I’m being a little misleading. I packed dinner into the car fridge and cooked it on the free barbecue at a local park. It’s a beautiful autumn day in Melbourne. Sunny and warm, not too windy. Plus […]

More kebabs

by Dani

I really enjoyed the barbecued kebabs I made the other night so I thought I’d whip up a vegetarian version. Vegetarian Kebabs corn on the cob, sliced into small pieces, firm tofu, cut into large cubes eggplant, cut into large cubes, salted for 10 minutes, rinsed and drained, zucchini, cut into think slices, mushrooms, stems […]

BBQ Pizza with Seafood, Pesto and Goat Cheese

by Dani

Tonight’s meal was totally inspired by the great deal I got on a freshly made, premium quality marinara mix at the local fisho. All fresh ingredients. Lovely. The weather is still extremely hot in Melbourne so cooking on the barbecue seemed the practical thing to do. I made the potato dough from World Breads for […]