Cooking basics

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Thermomix Shortcrust Pastry

by Dani

I adapted my old tried and true short crust pastry recipe to suit the thermomix. So if you don’t have a thermomix, just manually crumb the dry ingredients and butter together and then slowly mix in the wet and knead lightly. Shortcrust Pastry 2 cups plain flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 125g butter just over […]

Stove Top Yoghurt

by Dani

This recipe is from Nourishing Traditions. It’s nice and basic. I’ve converted to metric. This tends to be a little thinner than commercial yoghurt. You will need a candy thermometer. Stove Top Yoghurt 1 litre full cream milk 1/2 cup good quality yoghurt (when you get it going, save the last half cup of each […]


by Dani

I just found a truly fascinating article on stock making via a link on forty dollar gourmet. Well worth a read if you make your own stock and have any interest in food science.