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Holiday Day Three

by Dani

Day Three in Sydney and a continuation of Holiday Meal Planning. I had to do a small shopping top up last night, I bought more bread, eggs, rocket and a massive bunch of coriander. Most of which is already gone. I’m going to have to hit the supermarket again in the next day or so. […]

Holiday Day Two

by Dani

Day Two in Sydney and a continuation of Holiday Meal Planning Meal Plan Day Two Breakfast – bacon, poached eggs and toast Lunch – ham/salami/salad sandwiches Dinner – BBQ’d rissoles on lentil salad Poached Eggs It seems that there are many methods for making perfect poached eggs. I thought I’d share mine. I use a […]

Holiday Meal Planning

by Dani

So here we are in wet, wet Sydney. Rain is such a novelty for us Melbournites. Courtesy of the Bread Winner’s company, we have free use of a simply divine 3 bedroom apartment right on the Harbour. The apartment is bigger than our house. I could happily sit on the couch for a week just […]

Pancakes for breakfast

by Dani

The Ankle Biters were given these fabulous little pancake makers for Christmas. A terrific present from an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. We made little men and heart pancakes for breakfast this morning. Lots of fun. Although beware if you decide to hunt them down (distributed in Australia by Davis and Waddell), the little handle gets […]

Christmas Eve brunch

by Dani

We have a Christmas Eve brunch at our house this year with BIL, SIL and Niece. Nice relaxed way to enjoy some family Christmas cheer. So here is my Christmas Eve Brunch for 7. Bircher Muesli (an adaptation) 500g good quality un-toasted muesli (I used Carman’s, you could of course make up your own mix […]

Super-quick Thermomix Cooked Breakfast

by Dani

We were hungry and hurried this morning, it was cold and wet and a cooked breakfast was called for. I had two pieces of flat bread that needed to be used up. I was thinking something vaguely breakfast burrito like. Super Quick Thermomix Cooked Breakfast 4 rashers of bacon, sliced, 1/4 cup pureed tomato handful […]