We spent a lovely day yesterday at a friend’s farm and came home with an abundance of cucumbers, garlic, eggs and figs. What a wonderful bounty. I added to the bounty this morning, digging up the potato patch and picking a good sized batch of rhubarb. We have been out of jam for a while so I thought I would experiment with a batch of fig and rhubarb in the thermomix. To be frank, I was aiming for fig jam but by the time I’d finished gorging on figs with spinach and feta dip, I only had 600g figs left so needed to pad it out with the rhubarb.

As both fig and rhubarb are low in pectin, some form of added pectin is necessary. I found some jamsetta lurking at the back of the pantry so I used that.

Rhubarb and Fig Jam.
600g fresh figs
600g trimmed rhubarb
1.2kg sugar
7 tablespoons lemon juice
50g jamsetta or substitute pectin addition of your choice.

  1. Place quartered figs and roughly chopped rhubarb in thermomix. Chop for 20 seconds on speed 9.
  2. Add sugar and lemon juice. Combine for another 10 seconds on speed 9.
  3. Cook for 45 minutes  at 100 degrees on speed 2
  4. Add jamsetta and cook for another 10 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 2.
  5. Check that it is set, place in sterilised jars and seal immediately.