Before I get to the bread, a brief glimpse of the bundle of cute that is my mini me. In full mini me mode.


Now that I have that short outburst of parental pride out of the way, I’ll get back to the bread. I had decided that I would manage bread production within my busier schedule this year by baking multiple loaves at a time snd freezing them. This plan has three flaws. The first flaw ia that the Bread Winner is not overly thrilled with having to eat defrosted bread. The man is spoiled I tell you. The second flaw is that I am still struggling to find the time required to bake multiple loaves in one day. The third flaw is that freezer space runs at a premium without loaves of bread added to the mix.

I couldn’t think of any other way around these problems until I read a post on The Crone at Wits End recently. My curiosity was instantly piqued. A little research only increased my curiosity. So I tracked down a copy. So far, so good. I’ve made a big batch of the master recipe and baked a loaf. The name is somewhat misleading as you really need to be hanging around the house for little over an hour to get a loaf and then wit for it to cool enough to slice. This is still half the time for conventional baking methods though and enables me to pull a chunk of dough out of the fridge when I get up at 6am and be able to slice it before leaving for the school run. Or pull a chunk of dough out at 5pm and have it baked and cooled in time to make lunches for the following day. Furthermore, the first loaf, although not perfect (I should have baked it little longer), was absolutely delicious.