Challenge number 2 from Brazen is all about cook books. I’m going to cheat and use the same photo I used for challenge number 1 about pantrys. Because that’s where my cook books live. See them upon the top shelf?

So, the rest of the challenge…

  1. how many do you have? (rough is fine!) I have roughly 60 cook books. All my recipes are ruthlessly decimated into clippings and filed in the green and red binders you may be able to spot up there on the book shelf.
  2. do you use them much? and if so how? Most of them rarely get looked at. I use the binders for inspiration reasonably often. I use World Breads, anything by Charmaine Solomon, Jacques Pepin and an old home economics text (which I never took in school) the most.
  3. share your favourites. Shared my favourites above. I use my books for either inspiration or precise technique. Sometimes I even use them for actual recipes.
  4. and if you have a favourite online site that isn’t a blog please share that too!!! is great. I also like forums like egullet. I read a gazillion food blogs.

Thanks for another fun challenge Brazen!