I had a mad urge to scrub grout on the bathroom floor today amongst other things so decided dinner could take a back seat. So I found some leftover mushroom soup I made last week in the freezer and some mince. I figured that if I mixed them together, topped it with mash and steamed some broccoli, like should be rosy.

To further my theme of not bothering, I didn’t even brown the meat off first, I mixed the soup through, divided into three oven proof dishes and plonked them in the oven while I made the mash. When the mash was ready, I pulled them out of the oven, gave them a stir and called the meat browned. Well it was really. Mash on top and back in the oven to brown.

Anyhoo, it was a nice enough dinner for a quick throw together but was remarkable about it was that the kids loved it. Jasper ate three large serves, broccoli included.

So a bloggable meal as a winner for kids.