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Beef Spare Rib Ragu

by Dani

I made pho for dinner on the weekend. It was delicious. Must post about it. Not now though. It presented me with somewhat of a dilemma. The stock calls for 3 kg beef spare ribs. The meat does not get used in the actual dish. So I was left with all the meat that had […]

Roast pork and nashi

by Dani

I found a 1kg Otway free range scotch pork roast reduced to $10. Happy days. Then I threw Lil Miss on the back of my bike and set off for the local farmer’s market. Nashi. Local. $3/kg. This is something in the realms of died and went to heaven kind of stuff. So obviously, roast […]

Thermomix Beurre Blanc (of sorts)

by Dani

OK, maybe not the exact, precise, traditional beurre blanc but it’s the way I threw it together and served it over lovely firm white fish fillets with a green salad. Lovely hot night dinner. Thermomix Beurre Blanc Style Sauce Over Fish 4 firm white fish fillets. 40g butter 2 cloves garlic 2 shallots 1/3 cup […]