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Make nice with Spice. Part 2.

by Dani

So, we agreed in part one of my spice ramblings that whole spices are the key to increasing the flavour of our food. They are no more expensive, difficult to access or use. The only question remaining is which spices to keep on hand. Now for the Kitchen Playground must have spice list: from the […]

Corned Beef proudly brought to you by the cook book challenge, week 2

by Dani

This week’s selection, grabbed from the shelf at random, was Women’s Weekly Country Cooking. It’s  cook book that usually only gets considered in the colder months although it has recipes for all seasons. Today however, was virtually a winter’s day. It was freezing this morning when we went to the farmers market and I went […]

10 Minute Meal part 2

by Dani

Today got away from me. Two hours sleep last night thanks to Second Born. Work this morning and the week’s rush of tasks leading up to First Born’s birthday and party left me rather behind time today. Melbourne did one of her classic twists too and turned wet and chilly this afternoon after a steamy […]

Flavours of Vietnam: The Pho Cocktail

by Dani

I greeted Friday evening with a much greater sigh of relief than is usual this week. It hasn’t been a bad week, just a busy one. Plus it was the Bread Winner’s birthday and I’d had to stand him up for lunch which I felt dreadful about. Such is the crazy world of education. All […]

Thermomix Flavours of Vietnam. Quy Nhon Fishcakes

by Dani

This is a thermomix adaptation of Luke Nguyen’s recipe from The Food of Vietnam. Quy Nhon Fishcakes Ingredients 1 tablespoon fish sauce 2 skinless white fish fillets salt and pepper 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil 1 clove garlic, peeled 5 spring onions, white part only, reserve green and slice thinly to serve 3 tablespoons sesame oil […]

Thermomix flavours of Mexico. Avocado crema corn.

by Dani
avocado crema corn

A brief hiatus in the kitchen from Vietnamese flavours. This is absolutely delicious and incredibly messy to eat. Particularly for those who are bearded. I have adapted a recipe found in an airplane magazine, apparently the original is from Cantina by Paul Wilson. I served this accompanied by skate which had been smeared in ground […]

Flavours of Vietnam. Mini hamburger style pork buns.

by Dani
Serving mini pork buns

This is technically as Chinese inspired as it is Vietnamese. Either way it is low prep, delicious and fun for the kids who like any dish where they compile their own servings. Mini Pork Buns. Ingredients. 1 packet frozen spring roll buns (from Asian grocers) 500g piece pork neck Char siu sauce 2 spring onions […]

Flavours of Vietnam. Chicken and Green Papaya Salad

by Dani
Chicken & Green Papaya Salad

Quick and delicious on a hot night. Chicken & Green Papaya Salad Ingredients 1 green papaya 1 tblsp Phu Quoc fish sauce 3 chicken thigh fillets 1 spring onion, sliced thinly fried shallots, sliced chilli and crushed peanuts to garnish Method 1. Peel and julienne the green papaya and toss fish sauce and spring onion […]

Flavours of Vietnam – Chicken and Herb Salad.

by Dani

This meal was born of necessity as I the only fruit or vegetables I had was that which was growing in the garden. Chicken and Herb Salad. Ingredients 3 chicken thigh breasts chopped into bite sized pieces 1 cup Vietnamese mint leaves 1 cup parsley sprigs 1 cup mint leaves 1/4 cup chopped chives 3 spring […]

Flavours of Vietnam – Pork in betel leaves.

by Dani
pork in betel leaves

Betel leaves are lovely and fragrant and can be bought at Asian Grocers. They are often used as an edible wrap in Vietnamese cooking. Pork in Betel Leaves Ingredients 250g pork mince 1 chilli, seeded and finely chopped 1 stem of lemongrass, white part finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 shallot, finely chopped […]