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5:2 Fast Day Work Lunch. Open Faced Reuben Sandwich

At this time of year the 5:2 lifestyle is an absolute lifesaver. There are so many social events on and they all involve extra food and drink. Having two fast days a week keeps it all under control. This lunch felt luxurious while still being within the fast day limits and leaving some room for […]

5:2 Fast Day Work Lunch. Broad bean and fennel salad

This lovely little salad serves 1 for lunch. Perfect for taking to work. I had some gorgeous tender young broad beans that didn’t need double skinning just to make it even easier. 197 calories Broad bean and fennel salad 1/2 cup cooked broad beans 1 cup shaved fennel 1/4 cup finely diced red onion 1/2 […]

5:2 Fast Day Work Lunch. Super Salad

Due to having an unusual number of social commitments plus a scheduled Blood Bank appointment, I was driven to do my two fast days consecutively. This is not something I would normally do and not something I had done before. I was a little concerned about the second day and getting through work without eating […]

Thermomix Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Chickpea Cookies

These are a big hit in our house for old and young alike. There are so many recipes similar to this floating around these days. For good reason. I use 51% cocoa choc chips as a good compromise between the palates of the family and these are close to healthy treat. 56 calories each Chocolate […]

No Food Waste. Filo Fruit Tarts

We go through a lot of fruit in this house. All that tends to be left in the fruit bowl by the end of the week is the odd item that is slightly bruised and the kids were too lazy to cut the bruise out of and eat. This week I had 2 apples, 2 […]

5:2 Fast Day work lunch. Microwave tomato and spinach ‘baked’ egg

This is a ripper for a fast day that can be thrown together super quickly. You can vary the spices for a range of different flavours too. Microwave tomato and spinach ‘baked’ egg 1/2 can crushed tomatoes (57 calories) 2 cubes frozen spinach (or a couple of handfuls of fresh) (10 calories) 1 egg (75 […]