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10 Minute Meal. Thermomix Okonomiyaki

by Dani

I had plans for a glorious meal tonight. Pork Siew Yuk, rice, vegetable stir fry. I’ve spent most of today salivating at the thought. Unfortunately, the pork did not defrost in time. In fact, I cannot recall the last time I saw a piece of meat defrost quite so slowly. As I type it is […]

Varoma. Steamed barramundi with soy/garlic/ginger sauce and julienne salad.

by Dani

Lil Miss had her sixth birthday party today. A lovely little affair at our favourite park. Lunch time parties tend to make me somewhat recalcitrant about cooking dinner. Entirely due to constant nibbling. Fortunately for the hungry men of the household, I was all set with a meal so light, delicious and quick to prepare […]

Chinese style lamb and tofu stew

by Dani

The old saying says that necessity is the mother of invention. Tonight at the Kitchen Playground, it was necessary to use up some leftover (homemade) tofu and some leftover roast lamb. The result was a simple and tasty little dish that would work just as well with uncooked lamb, just increase the cooking time slightly […]

Noodle and crab salad for a picnic…or not

by Dani

A lovely thing about summer in Melbourne is the amount of free music events that can be found in gorgeous park settings. Which is a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening. Particularly as a picnic the evening before your First Born starts school and work resumes for the year and routine craziness consumes your […]

Quick dinner emergency. Macaroni with hidden veg

by Dani

The rhythmic ebb and flow of my days is currently absent. Many factors are involved and must simply be borne for the present. Havoc is being wrought upon my meal planning as a result. A most unpleasant result. Tonight in a mad dash to serve hungry, over tired Ankle BIters a meal in a 10 […]

Leftover roast lamb, broad beans, peas and feta salad.

by Dani

After the weekend’s birthday celebrations, one thing I did not feel like doing today was cooking. Rare but true. Even so, it’s only just occurred to me as I type this that take away is the common option for nights such as tonight. It’s just not something that occurs to me more than once in […]

Seafood and goat cheese pasta: let’s have a quickie!

by Dani

It’s been quite a while since I posted a 10 minute meal. Today I needed it. I was missing a vital ingredient for my planned meal and got buried deep in laundry. So this is what I came up with. Seafood and Goat Cheese Pasta. pasta of choice (with 10 minutes or less cooking time) […]

Moroccan Style Vegetable and Couscous

by Dani

This is a quick and easy dish I threw together tonight when I suddenly realised I was running very late. Not a true 10 minute meal as it takes a little longer to cook but certainly less than 10 minutes work in the thermomix. Moroccan Style Vegetable and Couscous 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 onions […]